The Effects of Single Parent Families

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How Teenagers Can Control Anger

Teenage is often considered as the aggressive age. It is the time when you are stuck between childhood and adulthood. Therefore, many a times,teenagers lose their their temper because they don’t know More »


The Most Effective Way to Get Family Self Confidence

Self esteem can be challenging if you are normally timid, anxious or unclear about on their own. Anxiety about failing frequently turns into a personal – satisfying prediction, which makes it tougher More »


iyIn a world that is practically run by money, it is more important now than ever to learn the basics of finances and math to be able to thrive. So many adults wish they’d learned more about finances when they were studying in school as children.


Now is your opportunity to educate your children young on the importance of financial literacy.


INSYL is an innovative publishing company that is working toward educating children on the importance of finances by introducing fun and positive books to cater to the various sections of finance. But INSYL needs support from patrons who are willing to help get this idea off the ground. For that reason, the company has started a CrowdFunding page to help raise money for the endeavour.


The company knows, however, that you won’t contribute to the fund raiser if you don’t know what it has to offer children like yours. Here are some of the things these books work to do to educate your child beyond the classroom:



The stories in the books help inspire children to live a secure and debt-free life by weaving financial theories and concepts into storylines with colourful characters going on bold adventures. The inclusion of these theories will help your child succeed in mathematics and finances outside of the classroom as they will access higher level thinking skills that can help them improve their academics and cognitive skills.



There are more children now than ever who are experiencing trauma through bullying and social acceptance. In fact, the international statistics on depression show that more kids suffer from anxiety and depression than ever before. These books will have a positive impact on your child’s life by introducing positive and proactive thinking into any stressful situation, making it a great teaching tool to help your child handle stressful situations in the future.


Let INSYL help your child build confidence, better their beliefs, and have a positive outlook on life.



Creativity through art has been proven to help children relax, relieve their stress, and express themselves. The books from INSYL provide a deep appreciation for art through poetry, narratives, and colourful illustrations. Reading these books will help your child connect with art in a whole new way.



So, if you’re ready to support INSYL – Finance, Psychology & Art for Every Child – visit the CrowdFunding page today. You can find more information about INSYL on their website, INSYL.co.uk. The company is located at 108 Holland Park Ave., London W11 4UA, UK. Submit any questions or concerns by filling out the contact form on the website, or call +44777-121-6704 or email info@insyl.co.uk. You can also learn more about the great team behind the site here check out their feature packed blog or why not get in touch with a member of the team who will be more than happy to help.  They would also love to connect with you on Facebook and Twitter.

Annual Families and Fathers National 2018 Conference – Limited Pre-Early Fee

famWe live in a hectic world where many of us barely find the time to spend alone let alone with our loved ones. We have a simple saying; life is too short to be working all the time, before you know it you’ll have very limited time with your loved ones and you’ll regret not spending time with them.  We have some great news for you though the 2018 Famillies and Fathers national conference is just around the corner and they’re offering a big discount to all those that book their tickets  will get a Limited Pre-Early Fee of only $219.00.


If you’re a professional or a family member just looking for more advice then this is the perfect conference for you it’s held on the West Coast of North Ammerica and will help you improve strategies, curriculums, skills and more for effective services for children and families and of course teach you ways to free up more time to spend with your loved ones.  To find out more please don’t hesitate to visit 19th Annual Families & Fathers National Conference or http://fathersandfamiliescoalition.org for more information.

How To Decorate Your House For A Birthday With Floral Arrangements

blogA birthday is a very special celebration that marks the day a person was born.

There are different creative themes for a birthday celebration, one of which involves incorporating birthday flowers NYC into their overall design birthday parties decorations. The following tips can help you make the best of incorporating flowers into your birthday decorations;

Wall decorations

The walls of your home can be decorated with different colours of flowers depending on the colour of your walls. This decoration can be over where the cake is placed or pictures of you.


Flower Decorated Cakes

The cake can be baked in the shape of a flower or you could make different cupcakes to share among friends with flower shaped icing as the decoration.


Floral Centerpieces

There are different floral centerpieces you could easily incorporate into a birthday dinner or lunch. The colour palette chosen would depend on the decor of your home. All colours should complement each other, so it would be beautiful and inviting.


Floral Candle Holders

Daffodils have been incorporated more times than not in this idea. This would make your dinner table lit up beautifully and elegantly.


DIY Flower Straws

DIY Flower straws are made using cardboard paper and are pretty easy. This adds to the flower theme and makes the party come together while serving delicious and pretty drinks.

These tips will help you create the best flower themed birthday party.

Improve your GP grades

loftGone are the days when we had to rely on people for 2nd knowledge or go to the library to ensure we could find the exact information we were looking for. We know live in a world of constant access to information at the click of the button and a world where we can learn from some of the best minds around.  When studying you’ll  know how important your GP grades are as they can mean the difference between the perfect tuition you’re looking for or having to take the 2nd best option.

Thankfully there are some great resources, course and tutors out there who can help you improve on all of this for example the team at KnowledgeLoft can certainly help you improve your GP grades with state of the art gp tuition courses either as a group or one to one. So don’t delay and get in touch with them today to see how they can help you.