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Turning your dream into a reality – Development Plan

developmentLet me share a story with you.

I learnt that 2 hrs marketing, 4 days per week, so 8 hours, increased my gross annual income by £1900 per year and if I committed to do that for 13 weeks of the year, a total of just 104 hours… I would add about £25,000 to my income. To get that business all I had to do was allocate the time and then go and knock on doors.

When that marketing strategy worked I expanded the strategies. I created a second line of services. Then 6 months later I entered a new market and each time my income shot up in quantum leaps.

Now if you could do that, would that excite you? I mean, great, the money is lovely, but how many people will you help. What difference would you make to the world if you dedicated say, just 104 hours to marketing. I mean that’s just over 2½ weeks a year in the corporate world!

So in deciding I was going to succeed and doing what it takes, I had learnt what worked, put in place the habits that worked well and worked the habit until I got what I wanted.

3 Habits of Success

Most businesses only focus on getting more people to know about them and gaining new customers. This creates a hard slog and it creates a drain on the marketing budget and the business owner’s energy.

The question facing us is: how can we make a bigger difference and generate our  money, in less time, so we can spend more time on other things that really matter to us personally?

Sometimes we just don’t know what we need to know to succeed and we need to find out how. And when we make the decision to find out how – when we decide to succeed – everything changes.

If you have made the decision to succeed the next question you may have is how do you stay on track?

Jo has a mantra that consistently reminds us to stay on track. She says that; “Every time you make a decision to say ‘yes’ to something that has nothing to do with our goal, you are saying ‘no’ to the goal.”

That kind of mantra keeps us focussed on our goals!

It’s simple. It’s effective.

Another way to focus your mind is to monetise your goal. I know that money represents how much good I’ve done and how much value both me and my clients have put on our time together.  So what I’ve done is worked out how much good I want to do and how much I want to earn while I do it, then divided it by the number of weeks I plan to work, then divided that by the days I’ll work each week, followed by the number of hours I’ll work each day.

I then write that hourly rate out once a day and follow the advice of one of my mentors – stick it in my eye-line so that several times a day I’ll glance at it and remember the value I’m creating through my actions has to be at least that value or better.

Another method that keeps me focussed on moving towards my goal is to plan.  One day a week I do nothing more than write down all the things I need to do and how I plan to do them. On that day I also do all the research I need to do and all the things I need to get done so that the next day I can ignore everything else and do what I need to do to attain my goal. So I’ll take care of things like email, phone calls, marketing and other writing projects.

Then I have a day each week where I just do the actions that will achieve my goal.

So, during the hours of business the method we use to choose to succeed is to only say yes to things that help achieve our goals. We have the decision to succeed, a reminder posted in front of you and then back it up with a focussed method of working that can keep you on track.