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5 Great Things About Cookies

5 Great Things About CookiesCookies are a delicious treat that many of us love to enjoy – it’s very easy to get stuck into a bag or box of cookies and not know when to stop! One of the things that makes cookies so great is the incredible variety that you can get.

Chocolate chip are obviously the mainstay, but there is lots out there to try. If you fancy yourself as a bit of a connoisseur then why not consider trying out all the different types you can find?

However, cookies bring versatility from elsewhere, too! They can be used for many different purposes and there is a lot more to cookies than you might think;

A Fundraisers Special

Cookies are one of the tried and tested sellers at fundraisers. Whether it’s the main product on show or they are made as a treat for guests at the fundraiser, they are an absolute must for lots of people! Our personal favorites are Otis Spunkmeyer cookie dough! Cookies are the best thing that you can bring to the party as it’s not hard to find takers on a few cracking cookies!

Gluten Free, Too!

Not many delicies like cookies can be found gluten free, so they make the perfect selection for somebody who has a gluten problem. This lets them enjoy equally as enjoyable cookies without having to go down the traditional route of having a day of pain the next day as punishment!

Nationally Varied

Cookies vary greatly from country to country. Some countries have extremely unique forms of cookies – like Belgium. They are renowned for quality baked goods and Belgian cookies are a popular style abroad. They come in so many types and styles, it would be hard to try every type!

They Can Make You Rich!

In 2005, there was a huge win on the lottery to the sum of $13.8m! However, more than 100 people also won the runners-up prize of $100,000. What was more bizarre, though, was the fact that the winners all based their selections they received from fortune cookies in a New York restaurant!

Oreos Supreme

Oreo cookies are arguably the most popular brand in the world. This is proven by the fact that in the USA alone, there is more than $550m worth of Oreos sold…every single year!

Cookies certainly have a unique history and style about them, unique to the usual types of desserts and treats that we love to enjoy so much. The next time you are thinking of something to buy, why not pick up some cookies?