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Why you as a Student need MaxPhonics App in your life

logoGood and effective reading software can keep students engaged and is very helpful in increasing cognitive and reading skills. Of all the necessary skills that students need to learn at their school, reading is probably the most important ones and it is required by all school going students, as through this skill they can easily learn other important skills and get better their possibilities of forging an excellent future for them.

You can see that sometime students find it tough to understand and read what they are reading. Teachers and parents have to deal with this common problem as quickly as they can and the excellent method to keep away from this type of problem is to use a good quality and useful reading software. The good quality reading software is very important when it comes to assist students read good, so in case you are a parent or teacher dealing with small students with reading problems, utilizing this type of software program help in class as well as at home.



MaxPhonics appfor student is a very effective and useful tool to start teaching students. Now, it is not rare for all students to use computer programs to increase their reading abilities. Approx two years before computer programs are planned to start as a formal education and now there are different type of reading programs available on the web with involve repetition and memorization.

MaxPhonics2MaxScholar is best reading program that you can easily use and it will give complete assistance to your students to get better their reading skills thus they can well prepare for their exam. It is not enough that you are reading a text or matter in a flowing manner; even it is very important to recognize the major and minor ideas of the subject matters, its common meaning and to be capable to give reply related questions of the particular subject matters. It is a main challenge for any particular reading software, but if you want to this type of facility in your reading software then you have to go with MaxScholar software. With the help of this outstanding reading software students will have the chance to understand how to read text or subject matter in a more suitable and efficient manner.


iPads and Tablets are great learning devices that have a special potential for engaging different types of learners at any age.

At MaxScholar, we decided to take advantage of these popular devices and create an app that is mobile and accessible anywhere.

We want to introduce to you MaxPhonics: the app!

This comprehensive program is based on the multisensory Orton-Gillingham method, and has four different modules: PreK, Consonants & short vowels, Blends, Digraphs

The app includes:


  • - 4 different modules with over 15 chapters and a variety of practice drills
  • - Easy download and user interface
  • - Over 500 hours of learning with the full version ($0.99 per chapter)
  • - More than 10 comprehensive exercises on the different modules for FREE!!!


By following the sequence of steps of this research-based method, students will go through visual, kinesthetic, and auditory drills that will reinforce multiple skills necessary for a good reading foundation:

  • - Phoneme / grapheme connection
  • - Letter tracing
  • - Phonemic awareness
  • - Sound blending
  • - Fluency practice
  • - Sight words
  • - Controlled readers

and other exercises..

Don’t miss out on the chance to try this great new app that offers so much more than what is already available out there.

When you will use Maxscholar software then this software first identify the main text of topic, which is very useful to get a clear idea about the text, and then students automatically find the sustaining ideas in particular text. The major effect of this useful reading program is that students will be highly capable to read very fluently, highly capable to recognize the actual sense of all the given words, build a superior vocabulary and get better their speaking or reading skills.


If you want to improve your reading skills then you have to use this effective reading software program. This software contains different types of program and main intention of every program is get better your reading skills. This software is very useful for your children and you have better opportunity to prepare your kids for any type of exam. Get it today!!!

Students that have used our reading and phonics programs have improved up to 2 levels in 90 days.

Try it today for yourself and see how it can help you improve


For more information please visit the MaxScholar programmes section orwhy not get in touch with one of the friendly team here. If social media is your thing then have a chat with them on Facebook or Twitter.