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Art Party Kit For Five

Thinking of having a party? Struggling to come up with great ideas to keep the kids entertained? Well look no further than the art party kit for five. This awesome kit includes five blank; 9×12 inch canvas boards for the kids to unleash their imagination on. Stand the canvas up on its own easel and get them to work on their masterpieces with the assortment of twelve quality acrylic colors and eleven nylon bristle brushes.


Perfect party fun that is easy to setup and easy to clean up. The art party kit for five can turn any kiddies party into a fun-filled exploration of the imagination. For those that want to just copy and colour, the kit comes with sample pictures to get you started. But it’s not just for the kids! The kit works great at adult parties, hen parties and fun family nights too! Anything is possible with the art party kit for five.