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Charities For Africa Watercan Leads The Way In Assisting The Poorest Regions

watercanWaterCan has helped over 1.2 million children, women, and men in the world’s poorest regions since 1987. They are dedicated to fighting global poverty by helping east African communities gain access to clean water, basic sanitation, and hygiene education. WaterCan’s work has helped to transform lives and entire communities.

The following are frequently asked questions, relating to WaterCan’s projects, their implementation of African Wells and other water and sanitation solutions:

How much does a well cost?
WaterCan has placed an emphasis on supporting water and sanitation projects that cater to the unique needs of each individual community. Therefore, determining an exact cost to be applied in all cases is difficult. Many factors that affect cost fluctuate from one community to the next, considering size and location of the community, type of water and sanitation facilities deemed appropriate, technology used, labor costs, availability of materials and transportation etc.

WaterCan also focuses on selecting locally appropriate water systems that may include other solutions such as protected springs, rainwater catchment tanks or perhaps the expansion of piped systems in slum areas.

Can I volunteer overseas with WaterCan?
WaterCan is not a volunteer-sending organization. We work exclusively with indigenous partner organizations in keeping with our belief that supporting the development of local/ indigenous human resources lies at the very heart of effective international development. To contact Canadian volunteer sending organizations please visit the Canadian Council for International Cooperation website.

Can I directly fund a specific project?
To help contain our administrative and fundraising costs WaterCan is pleased to assign gifts of 00 and more to specific projects.

How much money is spent on WaterCan’s administration?
In the fiscal year 2009-2010 WaterCan spent a total of 17.6% of its total expenditures on administration and fundraising costs. 82.4% was spent on programming, which includes both international project activities and domestic public engagement initiatives.

How does WaterCan leverage my donation?
The Canadian government through the Canadian International Development Agency [CIDA] allows you to leverage your donation through 3:1 matching grants on pre-approved projects. WaterCan is also able to match donations with non-CIDA resources.

Why does WaterCan only work in eastern Africa?
Starting in the mid-1990s, WaterCan adopted an approach of focusing efforts in a few countries at a time in order to make the most effective use of its limited resources. Currently, WaterCan works in four countries in eastern Africa—Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda—all identified by the United Nations as among the poorest countries in the world.

These countries all have a significant proportion of their population without access to safe water and proper sanitation, and all are lagging in meeting the Millennium Development Goal targets of halving the number of people without access to clean water and basic sanitation by 2015. The regional focus also provides the added benefit of more efficient and cost-effective program management.

Can I request a project to be completed in a specific community?
WaterCan does not accept unsolicited proposals for projects. Beneficiary communities are selected exclusively by indigenous partner organizations in collaboration with WaterCan’s program staff on the basis of need, feasibility and community consultations.

Among the many charities for Africa, WaterCan is one Canadian charity that is dedicated to making a difference. How can you help? Visit watercan for more information.