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Lego classes Singapore

ducklego classes Singapore are the international based enquiry program which is about teaching the students for ages 9 through out the 16 related to science, technology as well as collaborative working. The FIRST league LEGO is the partnership which lies between non-profit organization as well as LEGO Group. It also had their first season in the year 1998. Now more than 230,000 students from about 80 countries will take part.

Impact studies also show that the students gain the increased interest for science as well as technology by also working with the FLL that does it by offering the most practical as well as engaging way to involve the students in specific subject areas.

It is important to understand that why Lego is perfect

As the resource of classroom:

–   It promotes the engagement of student

– It allows for the complete differentiation

–   It promotes the learning phase of self-directed

–   It also Encourage the learning which is hands-on

–   It also has the real-life connections

The LEGO League also challenges the kids to always think like the engineers as well as like the scientists. During the season of ANIMAL ALLIES, teams would create build, test as well as program for the autonomous robot by using the LEGO MINDSTORMS that can also solve the set of the missions in this Robot Game.