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Why you need Love the Sat for your SAT prep



Are you stressing about your SAT Prep? Got the college in mind but really not sure if you’re going to be able to pass the SAT tests for entrance?  Don’t stress too much as today we’ll cover all the options available to you to make sure you are fully prepared for the upcoming SAT test you need to take part in. There are a few important aspects that need to be taken into account before choosing a suitable SAT preparation company.  First and foremost you’ll need to look at what your budget allows you in terms of extra tutition for your SATS.  Once you’ve decided on a suitable budget you can then start looking around for companies that are within your price range. It’s important to remember though that choosing the cheapest option/company may not always be the best option for you and using a combination of recommendations/research and cost factor involved, you should be able to choose the best solution for you.


sat1Remember that you’re investing in your long term future here, good SAT scores will mean more college options and ultimately the better the education the higher the wages later in life.  As with anything in life the more you prepare and study for you SAT exams the higher the chances of entrance, studies have proven that people who have taken that decision to take a SAT Prep course have a much higher acceptance rate into the colleges of their choice. These courses are staffed by highly professional individuals who will help you through every step of the way with your SAT preparation, they will be on hand to answer any questions you may have and ultimately guide you through the process as fluidly as possible ensuring you are given the best opportunity possible to pass with flying colors.


Today we will focus on one such great institution called Love The Sat .  The name is derived from the hard work and passion of a young local instructor who has decided to treat SAT Prep like a fulltime business by offering you all the tools needed to go out and ACE those exams. Love the SAT is an Austin, Texas based business which prepares all high school students for their upcoming SATS through the use of cutting edge personal one-on-one and small classes.

The entire school is classed only by professionals, they are the best of the best tutors and have been carefully hand selected personally by the sat2owner Christian Heath, and have been trained to only his highest standards. Christian is an accomplished author himself as well as a fulltime instructor. A lot of other SAT prep companies concentrate on hiring the cheapest teachers possible and more often than not they are not qualified enough or don’t have the same experience as the tutors from SAT, often leaving the students with a feeling of time wasted. That’s why when you enroll with Love the Sat you can be assured of the best one-on-one tutition in the business. Our lead tutor, Christian Heath, has received multiple perfect scores on the SAT, and shares this level of expertise, discipline, and training with all tutors at Love the SAT! Christian is the author of the curriculum as well as a series of SAT prep textbooks that are purchased by students in dozens of countries. Recently, renowned textbook author and AP teacher Larry Krieger and Christian have collaborated on new and improved SAT prep books that we believe are rapidly becoming the best SAT books in the world.




At Love the Sat, they teach nothing but SAT. That’s it, that’s all they do, day and night is teach SAT preparation. They live and breath SAT preparation.  So why not get in touch with Love the Sat today and see how they can help you. For more information please visit Test prep Austin TX. You can also check out sat prep curriculum or why not read more about the great team behind the site here. Before you go check out the great selection of books they have here or why not read more about their amazing instructors.