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When you Feel Stuck Try This

helpIf every day you want things to be a bit different, yet everyday you’re faced with the same issues, (i.e. want more clients, more money, or want to be making a bigger contribution to the world), try this…

Breaking the cycle of not having what you want

First take some time out. Take your challenge with you and go somewhere to mull it over.

Jo and I have been doing this monthly for about a year. During these sessions we’ve noticed lots of detail, considered what we’ll do about it and then implemented things very quickly, because we knew what needed to happen and who would do it.

Having your vision for your future materialise faster, can actually mean doing less and planning more. Planning is like cutting wood with a sharp saw rather than a blunt one. You just cut through the wood quicker if you take the time to sharpen the saw.

Creating the Space for better business ideas

When we create this space to think, what we end up doing is asking great questions rather than dwelling on what doesn’t work.

Planning, earlier in the year, resulted in some tweaks to our web pages which resulted in a 50% jump in on-line sales on one product in a month.

As a result of this, more people found the help they needed and our income rose.

So, the pauses where we plan are actually more effective than actually doing.

It all sounds simple, but I bet the biggest challenge for most people is the attachment to being at their desk or work place, because they have been socially conditioned to believe that they have to be at their work place to make money.

The best ideas come when you’re open to them

Down the years I’ve always found my best ideas come when I’m relaxed, away from my desk, dozing off or chatting with a coach. So be prepared to take some time away from your desk.