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Going to College as a Working Parent

working parentCollege is a tough enough process, with scheduling, finances, and available time. Adding a baby to the whole deal creates an entirely new world of difficult. However, it isn’t impossible. With a variety of educational options at your disposal, balancing working, parenting, and going to school is something that can be accomplished. Thankfully there are some fantastic sites such as which can help you ease into this process.






It Won’t Be Easy


It’s common among single parents who are attending college have a low income. They probably have a full-time job, which has to be balanced with the responsibilities of being a parent. Schooling expenses are also a major issue; without government aid to put someone through school, it can be a heavy hitter on your family finances.


workingSeek Out Reliable Institutions for Childcare


There are some colleges that are tailored for single and working parents, providing campus day-care. Some institutions will even provide free meals for the children of their students. It’s important to seek out colleges or universities which can provide a place for your children while you focus on your studies and classes. Feeling connected and a part of a university, while taking of children and working, can help students succeed in completing the classes assigned to them.





working2Online Education


Online courses can be a huge advantage for parents, as classes can take place at the convenience of their own home. While some courses will require that you participate in a class on-campus, it’s usually not often and doesn’t take up the entire day. If there’s a university or college that seems appealing, inquire about their online options. Let them know you’re a working parent and that you would like to look into their online classes.




working3Don’t Underestimate The Power of Scheduling


Time is scarce and it’s a source that needs to be given a priority. Making a schedule can also help keep parents organized; tracking spent time and money can help you keep track of what needs to be done now and what can be done later. Use a calender or a scheduling notebook that you can keep on you at all times.




Don’t Be Hard On Yourself


Parents need to have a realistic state of mind when persuing college under the difficulties of family responsibilities and a 9 to 5 job. It’s important to remember that professors design their lesson plans and schedules for students who don’t have children. Parents don’t possess the time advantages others do when going to school. If you’re unable to finish your homework simply because you’re too tired, don’t stress out about it. It’s also wise to inform your professor of your current situation. It helps to keep them informed of your conditions for studying.


You’re Doing Great – Don’t Doubt Yourself


A final piece of advice: don’t doubt what you’re capable of. Parents who are working full-time/part-time jobs in addition to taking care of their children and going to college is proof that everything can come together. You’re attempting to balance a variety of difficult tasks for yourself and the well-being of your family. That’s a lot of hard work. Parents should be encouraged to be so hard on themselves. Pursuing education during a difficult time means that there’s motivation and drive to your purpose. Stick with the ups and downs to achieve the education that you want for yourself.


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