actionFinding a quality preschool for any child is imperative to that child’s growth and is the foundation of his or her educational future. For any parent, choosing the right preschool can be a daunting task. Today we’ll be focusing on some advice and tips to help you choose a great preschool for your children and of course we’ll also be introducing you to a great preschool in San Jose


The best preschools will enrich any child by not only giving them a chance to creatively express themselves, but also teaching the child social skills, language development and reading, math and science development, physical development, and fine motor development.


Studies show that children exposed to a quality preschool program are more prepared for school and are even more likely to attend college, land a high-paying job, own a home, and be in a stable, life-long relationship.


The benefits of enrolling a child in a quality preschool program is an investment into their future. For California residents, that payout is closer than they think.


Action Day Primary Plus is an infant care center as well as a preschool, elementary school and middle school. Its headquarters are located in San Jose, Calif., but the company totes 10 total preschool locations in California.


The company opened its doors in 1968, offering programs that would prove beneficial to their students’ emotional, physical, and social growth.  The preschool program provides a healthy atmosphere for students expand their knowledge and express themselves creatively.


The preschool program is what Action Day Primary Plus likes to call a “semi-structured program.” This allows for more individual freedom and growth when compared to stricter program structures.


How does Action Day Primary Plus meet the requirements of a “great” preschool program?



Children in the preschool program at Action Day Primary Plus are encouraged to work together in groups and to learn to accept the consequences for their behavior.



In this program, the children listen to stories and then act out simple dramas. They also are taught to express themselves orally to expand their vocabulary. Most, after completing the program, recognize their written names, sounds associated with letters and have the ability to write their own names.



Geometric shapes and counting are included in classroom lessons. By the end of the program, most children are able to count to 30; sort by size, shape, and color; and show interest in clocks and the time.



Teachers encourage students to learn to walk, kick objects, and communicate bathroom needs. By the end of the program, many students can lace their shoes, skip, and swing by themselves.



Children in the program, with teacher supervision, are given the opportunity to work with scissors, pencils, crayons, small pegs, and beads. These various materials give students the opportunity to cut out shapes, draw and color inside of the lines, and more.


The staff includes caregivers who encourage creativity and has a genuine love for children, education, and expression. They look forward to assisting your child on their educational journey. For more information, or to enroll, visit Action Day Primary Plus online today.


You can also find out more by visiting where they have all of their locations listed here.  You can also browse the community section of their website, check out their philosophy and also learn more about the great team behind the concept.


Of course if you have any questions at all one of their friendly team is always on hand to help and your can contact them here. They would also love to connect with you on Facebook. We hope this article has helped you choosing your next preschool and most of all we hope your kids enjoy it. Thanks for stopping by and if you’ve enjoyed this content please feel free to share it on social media and with friends and family.