DeeDee Andrews up and coming Childrens author

deedeeKids are always excited to escape into their dream world where their favorite friends  such as cartoon characters can meet them. The indow to this cute innocent world of kids is the comic book that has long served kids and teens as the medium of entertainment. Right from the first hand made comic book,  print media has seen  various authors who have made the remarkable achievements in the field of kids’ comic world.  One such author is DeeDee Andrews who is an accomplished author in the kids comic book field.  DeeDee has a great approach to writing which will have kids enthralled throughout the reading period, they’ll either want more or they’ll go to bed in a bliss dream land of cartoons and characters.


DeeDee write under the umbrella of Domino Park comics which are available on Amazon through the kindle store, this makes it very easy to download the books and read it to your kids, or even download the book to your kids kindle if they have one. Currently DeeDee has 2 books published with great reviews so far. They are ‘Bound together by beatles’ and ‘Early Spring’ both delightful editions to your kids book collection. Pop on over to DeeDee’s amazon page today to find out some more information about these great releases or you can read more about this on her blog here.