How to Resolve Your Personal Injury Claim Quickly

There are all kinds of ways in which the actions of others can have an impact on us as individuals. At work, while driving or even when just walking down the street, we come across hazards that should be managed to ensure that we don’t hurt ourselves due to a problem that could be avoided.


Some things are just dangerous



If you have been injured, by someone else’s action (or lack of action) you can claim compensation for your loss of working time, suffering and distress caused by the incident. However, this can sometimes take months or even years to resolve, so we have a few tips on how you can get your claim resolved with the least amount of delay.


Complex cases

There are some cases that are likely to take longer than others to resolve. Incidents that have led to serious injury with likely long-lasting effects on the individual tend to take longer as it is necessary for solicitors, insurers and courts where appropriate to be able to understand the full extent of the impact of the injuries on the person’s ability to function.


It is in the interest of claimants to let these cases take their course as the chances of securing a fair settlement that properly compensates for their injuries is more likely to result. The time taken can, however, sometimes leave claimants out of pocket in terms of lost earnings and procedures have been put in place to pay an interim settlement to ensure that claimants are able to manage in the meantime. This sum is then deducted from the final settlement when agreement has been reached.


Liability and responsibility

If the individual or organisation you believe is responsible for your injury, whether that’s your employer or the driver of another vehicle with whom you collided, admits liability for the incident, it is likely to make the time to finding a settlement much quicker. Once liability has been agreed and accepted the only thing that remains is for the assessment of the extent of your injuries and their likely impact on your life.



If it wasn’t your fault you could get compensation – but how quickly?



On the other hand, if the person against whom you are claiming denies liability, the process of apportioning liability is the first thing that has to be settled before the assessment of your injuries and the compensation you’re due can be carried out.


If you receive any information that suggests that the person against whom you are claiming has admitted responsibility for what happened to you, passing this to your solicitor can greatly shorten the time to reach a settlement in your case.


Streamlined settlements

In 2011, the Ministry of Justice introduced guidance that enabled claimants to reach speedier settlements in their personal injury claims by following the new RTA PI process. Aimed at making low value claims – those between £1,000 and £10,000 – much quicker to settle, it aims to get from claim to pay-out in four to six months.


Seeking advice from a Personal Injury solicitor like should help you understand whether your claim will fit into the streamlined process. If it does, you will be in line for reaching settlement much more quickly than if you need to follow a protracted process of contested claims.



One of the most important ways to make sure that you can settle your personal injury claim quickly is seeking advice from an experienced specialist early in the process. A Personal Injury solicitor will be able to tell you based on the information you give what needs to happen to process the claim as quickly as possible and following their guidance will make it more likely you’ll resolve your case speedily and smoothly.



Image Credits: athomson and JessicaSarahS