How Yamie Chess helps kids with their maths education

yamieA lot of educators and parents, more than ever before are searching for learning toys to assist their kids not just to excel in the class, but grow a lifetime love for education. On the other hand, there is a question in everyone’s mind that how Yamie Chess helps kids in math education? Yamie Chess is a wonderful system and it is a perfect and helpful educational aid system K-8 for learning the math completely based on the standard chess, formed with the purpose to raise achievement of math in the class. It assures educators and parents a different type of approach to learning the logic of science and math, even as engaging kids in the fun activities of The Mind Angels and Tigermore.


It was planned by a group of skilled math educators, specialist scientists, as well as talented engineers from top universities of America together with MIT, Caltech, Columbia University, Stanford University, University of Arizona and Vanderbilt University. They have arrive all together in a ground breaking teamwork with a two time chess champion of USA and Jennifer Shahade, Grandmaster of Women, to compose a math learning aid that might supplement math learning of children in the classroom.