Kids online consignment store

kidsRecently I was browsing for some winter clothes for my niece and nephew when I came across Lil Jelly beans.  Lil Jelly Beans is a kids online consignment store that specializes in children’s clothing so it seemed like a great place to start shopping.  I was impressed with their large selection of boys and girls clothes but they have more than just that.  They also sell toys, accessories, random things kids are sure to love and they have a bargin bin and a clearance page as well.  I ordered a jacket for my niece and nephew and sure enough they loved it.

The shopping experience was great but what I really loved was the fact that I could sell Items.  I’m a bit of a picker and when I found out they bought lightly used kids clothes I began scouring local flea markets for anyone parting with such items.  The pay rate is between 10-60 percent of the total sale price. When I score a good deal on a large lot of kids clothes I am sure to get in touch with and see if they want it.  Check this site out.