The Effects of Single Parent Families

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How Teenagers Can Control Anger

Teenage is often considered as the aggressive age. It is the time when you are stuck between childhood and adulthood. Therefore, many a times,teenagers lose their their temper because they don’t know More »


The Most Effective Way to Get Family Self Confidence

Self esteem can be challenging if you are normally timid, anxious or unclear about on their own. Anxiety about failing frequently turns into a personal – satisfying prediction, which makes it tougher More »


healthIf you’re looking to positively change your life, personal development coaching can be beneficial. At Wyld Woman Coaching, coach Carmen Wyld is hoping to help women find who they are and discover who they want to be.


Wyld Woman Coaching offers online life coaching for women, making it convenient. The four-week program is available in Canada, New Zealand, Australia, the U.K., and the U.S. In these personal development sessions, Wyld will show self-improvement strategies that, when applied vigorously, can help women manifest their dreams.


Wyld offers three coaching packages at $375 each, and they all come with a workbook PDF. The first package is “100% You.” In this package, women will dive into their personal signature patters to empower themselves.  In the second package, called “Mindfulness,” helps emphasize mindfulness techniques. The last package, “Positivity Life,” teaches the benefits of positivity.


For more information, visit Wyld Woman Coaching online.


fortKids love to build forts. Although many see the activity as a childish pastime, the fact is that kids learn from fort building.


Fort Magic gives children the opportunity to build a fort as big as their imagination allows, selling fort structures made of sticks of various sizes and shapes. Buying your child a fort from Fort Magic can teach them a variety of things, including project planning, determination and creativity.


The company sells a variety of forts including sleepover tents, tower and tunnels, fort and tunnels, the villa, the castle, horse and carriage, the ship, rocket ship and alien stick buddy, the submarine and so much more!


For more information on Fort Magic’s forts, or to purchase your child a fort today, visit Fort Magic online. You can save $30 and receive free shipping when your purchase from the Fort Magic store.

The perfect place for a family vacation

oaks1So you’ve had a stressful few weeks and now you’re looking at a great place to take you and your family on a little vacation. You’ve been looking abroad but to take a family abroad can be expensive and probably not bring you the value you are looking for, you’ve been looking locally but can’t seem to find anywhere that is close enough, has good reviews and is within budget. Well lets us introduce you too Grand Lake Resorts Oklahoma.


This is known locally and across the states as one of the best places to take your family for a good break. Their accommodation is stunning and well looked after, the accommodation includes cub cabins that are for two, Cottages and Honey Moon Cabin sleeps four comfortable, and the Resort Family Cabin and Deluxe Family Cabin sleeps six and of course they have a huge outdoor area with many options for kids such as swimming and basketball.