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Driving simulator for driver training and research

drivingRecent scientific studies have shown positive cognisant response to video training programs. If we cut out the jargon, that simply means that video training programs are a legitimate way of learning a task or skill. Virtual platforms have become a hit in driver training over the last decade or so. With a virtual platform, anyone can set foot in a car, buckle up and get out onto the virtual tarmac for some driver training.

Virtual platforms have a number of fantastic benefits to them. The first being safety; Learner drivers no longer have to worry about hitting pedestrians, other vehicles or any similar obstructions on the road. With the best driving simulator for driver training and research now available to anyone that wishes to try it out.

The second area that driving simulators offer benefits in, are to the owners of driving schools. Maintaining a learner vehicle, or a fleet of them, can become incredibly expensive. Running costs of tyres, petrol and servicing, along with maintenance can add up to thousands over the years and let’s not even think about insurance premiums.


All these extra expenses incurred by the operations of a driving school can now be eliminated with the use of a fully virtual platform that offers the same learner-driver experience as the real deal out on the roads. Technology has advanced over recent years to make virtual reality simulator platforms that are so real, you will not be able to tell the difference the next time you get behind the wheel.

Simulator training programs are not just used in driving academy’s and schools, they have become a viable means of training people in skillsets, while allowing them to do so in risk free environments. You are able to fully explore what is possible with a vehicle, without being afraid of causing an accident that may result in damage to the vehicle, or bodily harm to a person.

It just makes good sense to start out your driving career with a virtual driving simulator that is geared toward a real training environment. While video game platforms offer entertaining driving games, that have amazing graphics and fun gameplay, they are not true simulators in the sense that they do not provide a realistic driving environment to a student learning the skill.


A true virtual driving simulator will allow you to experience the exact operating conditions of a vehicle on local or rural roads, as well as highways, allowing you to get a true feeling of what it is like to drive a car. These simulator systems are changing the way drivers are trained, allowing for closer inspection by trainers to be able to pay closer attention to what students are doing, without the concern of real life damage or accidents occurring.


This all adds up to drivers and instructors that are more confident and better prepared to take on the challenges of the road, without the risk involved. They are a true revolution in driver simulator training that will benefit learners and instructors all over the world.

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