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The Effects of Single Parent Families


singleparentRaising a family is hard enough but its doubly challenging when you’re dealing with it as single parents. There are several effects that you will have to live with and there are several challenges that you will have to face.

As for any aspect, there are two sides in single parenthood. There can be positive effects and there can be negative ones. To fully understand the ways of how to cope as a single parent, you must first learn the potential effects that the situation can have.


Even if raising a child alone is terribly hard, there are still certain positive aspects that it can offer. One positive factor is the closer bond that single parents have with their children.

Since being the only parent, you are the one that provides their only need for basic emotional support. This means that you are there to fully understand their needs and problems. By being there alone creates a string of attachment that may probably be stronger than those of regular families.

Another positive effect is tending to their children with maturity. More than anything else, the parents treat their children more than as a daughter or son but also a friend, a confidant and a supporter. This gives the children an equal footing on suggestions and decisions which in turn gives them the confidence and maturity that other kids may lack.

Single parent families also tend to have more independent children as compared to other kids. In result, the children are more emotionally secure and stable.


But there is another side of the coin. While there are positive effects, unfortunately there are also negative ones.

Financial aspect is one that is a major drawback and it can also be said that it also has one of the biggest effect. The lack of financial resources can cause health problems, nutritional deficiency, and low educational attainment. Fortunately, there are several single family grants that are being offered to families today. There are food stamps, medical and health coverages, and educational grants. Talk to the local government or community in order to avail of such programs.

Another negative effect is the way the children think. Some tend to have negative outlook in life because of early disappointments that one experienced. In other instances, the emotional capacity of the child is diminished wherein they become withdrawn, pessimistic or depressed. What parents can do is to give emotional support to these kids. Show them that life is not all disappointments and it can offer more than pessimism.

Being low in emotional support can also mean that children tend to turn into other entertainments like substance abuse. It is best to offer your kid some extracurricular activities that can nurture their talents and well being.

Another negative effect is feeling of low confidence levels. Children are often insecure because of some traumatic experiences that one may encounter by being in single parent families. These experiences may be the loss of a loved one due to death or separation from a parent because of divorce.