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How Teenagers Can Control Anger


angryTeenage is often considered as the aggressive age. It is the time when you are stuck between childhood and adulthood. Therefore, many a times,teenagers lose their their temper because they don’t know how to handle certain situations. This is the time when you become vulnerable. Hence, you have to handle things with a lot of patience. Here are some tips that teenagers need to know when it comes to controlling their anger.


Accept things just as they are:

If you are a teenager, one of the important steps to curb your temper is to accept the fact that you cannot change everything around you. There are certain things that are beyond your control and you need to accept these things just the way they are. After realising this,try and adapt yourself to the situation rather than getting angry over little things.


Know what triggers your anger normally:

Try to understand your psychology and especially find the triggers that arouse your anger. Once you know about your triggers, you can control your anger by keeping the triggers away or accept them. Either way, knowing your triggers will keep you from losing your temper frequently as you will have an understanding of what instigates you and you can control the impulse when in need.


Communicate with someone you trust:

Communication also helps in keeping anger in check. If sometimes you get angry and find your temper rising, you should go ahead and talk to one of your well wishers. Communicate everything in your mind and free yourself of the mental agony. Instead of suppressing your anger take it all out by talking to someone else.


Gain control of yourself:

Don’t let anger overpower you. Once you realise that you are getting angry, get into the fighting mode and tackle things in an effective way. Believe in yourself. You have the ability to crush your anger.


Think about the reasons of your anger:

Instead of wasting your efforts in getting angry and bursting out on someone, think about the reasons that made you angry. When the reason of anger is dug up, you may realize that you are losing temper on small and rather irrelevant issues when the bigger and more persisting issues may be totally different. Deal with those big issues rather than losing your temper over smaller things.


Manage stress:

Most of the times, we do not realize that stress is one of the most common triggers of anger. Stress can rob you of mental peace and can result in your losing temper easily over small and trivial issues. The solution to your frequent fits of temper may lie in effectively managing stress. If stress is reduced substantially with the help of relaxation techniques, you will find that your tendency to lose your temper will also decrease.



Exercise is not only a good way to stay healthy, but it can also control your temper. A lot of your pent up anger and frustration is taken out by engaging in physical exercises.


Think positive:

Thinking positive is another way to channelize your energy. Rather than sulking and blasting out upon on someone else, think positive about the situation. It is essential to try your best to ward off negative feelings. Negative thoughts will result in negative actions. Positive thoughts will help you calm down effectively.


Manage time:

It is a known fact that most of us lose our cool as a result of being in a rush. Time management plays an important role in curbing your temper. Once you begin managing your time properly, it would lead to reduction of tension and reduce the chances of you getting angry.